Kamis, 17 November 2011


hey bloggy!
yesterday i got a chocolate from my teacher and its because my good score, THANK U VERY MUCH SIR :D
idk why its make me feel so happy until this morning maybe its the first time on my life so THANKS GOD FOR EVERYTHING YOU GAVE :3
andddddd, im not going school for today cause a little bit lazy and my mom agree about this lol my mom is know me so well.
but in the early moring, idk why my sister made me mad again but yeah she just thinking that she's better than anything, you cant tell anything to her cause she wont to hear anything from your mouth, she just thinking that she's better than you and you're the only people who always wrong -thats my sister-
ok forget that, i just make some other blog and the blog is about our bussines, on my other blog we just tell you about shoes and anything about street :D
i hope everyone loves our project and buy anything!
i just saw the sky and its cloudy come on be rainy please cause today i just want to be a lazy girl haahaha
ok thanks God for Today, Yesterday, And Tmorow
bye lovely.